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Frequently Asked Questions

Decorative Fence

At this time, we do not manufacture a product specifically designed for surface or wall mounting. Our decorative No Dig lines are only intended for use with posts and/or stakes designed for in-ground mounting.

The only No Dig decorative fence styles with the stakes available for individual purchase include the Rockdale and Wire Garden Fence. All other stakes are only sold as a post-and-stake set.

Our No-Dig fencing systems are designed for quick and easy installation to fit most consumer projects. We understand every yard is different, so we encourage measuring your space before purchase, and adjusting panel placement if the fit is not exact. The products listed on our website are only manufactured in the sizes listed.

Additional hardware, including certain latches and panel eyelets, may be available for special order through our partner retail outlets. Select warranty and/or missing replacement parts can also be obtained by contacting our customer service team at or 800.607.6409.

We do not recommend any use of concrete with our No-Dig fencing systems, as the construction of the post is made to be easily removed and reassembled. Any use of concrete for installation will void the warranty.

A slight “give” in the post is expected, to allow for easy removal, but a wobbly fit can also be due to several variables, such as ground composition. If the post to stake connection is loose, please drive your stake further into the ground for a tighter fit.

While our No-Dig gates can be used independently, posts are required for installation and may be purchased separately.

At this time, our No-Dig products are only available in the colors detailed in the product’s description.

All Yardlink No-Dig products can be purchased through one of our many partner retail locations, either in-store or through their online marketplace. Unfortunately, direct-to-consumer sales are not available currently.

All the decorative No Dig styles are either welded or otherwise fabricated in a manner that does not allow racking. Any modification of placement or staggering of panels may be possible with DIY applications, but we have no manufacturer-suggested techniques for sloped installation.

YardLink Fence warrants that the coating on its Decorative Steel, No Dig Fence product will protect the fence from rust through and that the fence will be free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of five (5) years from date of purchase.

Please email a copy of the original proof of purchase and photos of the compromised product to Add any additional details, as well as the number of items affected.

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